WG5 Integration across WGs: policy, legislation & dissemination


Country Name Company
SE Robert Thomson (LEADER) CHA
 –  –
BG Kiril Barzev UNI RUSE
IT Denise Cuccìa UNIFI
NL Saskia de Craen SWOV
A Luigi Del Re JKU
UK Simos Evangelou ICL
ES Adrià Ferrer IDIADA
AUS Michael Fitzharris MONASH
IT Ugo Galvanetto UNIPD
UK Mazdak Ghajari ICL
CZ Luděk Hynčík UWB
BE Christos Ioakeimidis UNIMONS
FI Lars Leden LTU
ES Francisco J. Lopez Valdes COMILLAS
UK Roberto Lot SOTON
GR Dimitris Margaritis CERTH
IT Matteo Massaro UNIPD
DE Matthias Moerbe BOSCH
ES Mario Maza University of Zaragoza
DE Matthias Moerbe BOSCH
IE Peter Murphy UL
FI Kalle Parkkari Finnish MI
IT Marco Pierini UNIFI
DE Raphael Pless TUDARM
SE Matteo Rizzi FOLKSAM
IT Sergio Matteo Savaresi POLIMI
IT Giovanni Savino UNIFI
DE Klaus Schwabe Biketraining & Consulting Schwabe
AU Jessica Truong TAC
NO Truls Vaa TOI
DE Sebastian Will WIVW
IL David Zaidel 4sight


  1. To ensure the PTW safety holistic approach.
  2. To formulate recommendations for test methods, policies and standards for enhancing PTW safety.
  3. To coordinate the creation of the PTW safety roadmap.
  4. To draft and coordinate the dissemination plan for the Action.

The objective of this WG is to bring together all Action findings into the holistic approach. All WG leaders and co-leaders will be part of this WG to make sure there is consistency across the WGs, results can be compared and input is coordinated among the WGs.


Task 5.1 Creation of the Roadmap for PTW safety

Based on the inputs from the different WGs a Roadmap for PTW safety will be determined for future research activities, including tables per research area, when the research will be done, when the results are expected on the market and what changes in the legal framework are needed to deliver the different technologies to the market. This document will also be used to propose topics for future R&D programmes both on a national and international level.

Task 5.2 Recommendations for standardization

In addition to the research tasks indications, the Action will include the main guidelines for the standardization of the methods, tests, safety devices, etc. addressed by all the WGs. Based on the scientific research conducted within the network, the recommendations will concern accidentology investigation methods, rider training programs, protective garments standards and test procedures.

Task 5.3 Internationalisation strategy

By means of dedicated conferences, publications in on journals, participations to special events concerning PTW, and other similar initiatives the Action will disseminate relevant results to end-users, legislators, industry and academia.