Vision and Objectives

The main objective of the Action is to develop a holistic and integrated approach towards PTW safety across Europe by bringing together PTW safety experts from academia and industry to a) acquire, unify and coordinate PTW safety research, and b) ensure broad dissemination towards PTW users, industry and public authorities. The COST Action aims to create a wide network of scientists and experts, to work jointly on new solutions and policy recommendations for PTW safety.

The Action’s secondary objectives are:
1. To create an international network consisting of both academia from different disciplines and other stakeholders (PTW industry and end-users) to work together to provide high level research results leading to solutions that are easy to introduce on the market and have the largest possible impact on PTW rider safety.
2. To bring together and capitalize on past and ongoing research activities regarding PTW safety and produce state-of-the art reviews on i) conditions and injuries of traffic accidents involving PTW ii) rider behaviour, ability and attitude towards PTW safety technology (passive and active) iii) PTW safety technology iv) rider training.
3. To combine information available from national projects and in-depth data-collection activities and to populate the current accident databases during and beyond the end of the COST Action.
4. To coordinate research and development through the creation of a joint PTW safety roadmap for the development of new knowledge to enhance PTW safety and to facilitate the transfer of this knowledge to the scientific community and stakeholders.
5. To define and make suggestions for new criteria and innovative functions and features for PTW safety and to encourage the interaction and cooperation between users, producers, developers and researchers of PTW safety technology at the local and European level.
6. To make recommendations for the design of innovative and efficient test methods for rider-friendly passive and active safety devices and road infrastructure.
7. To give young researchers in PTW safety a wider perspective and train them in new fields.