University of Limerick – Ireland

Established  in  1972,  the  University  of  Limerick  is  an  independent,  internationally  focussed university with over 13,000 students and 1,400 staff.   It is a  young, energetic and enterprising university  with  a  proud  record  of  innovation  in  education  and  excellence  in  research  and scholarship.  Its mission is to be a distinctive, pioneering and connected university that shapes the future through educating and empowering people to meet the real challenges of tomorrow.

The  University  of  Limerick  has  often  been  described  as  innovative,  pioneering  and  connected to  the  real  world.  We  pride  ourselves  on  a  reputation  for  delivering  research  which  makes  an impact  for  industry,  society  and  the  wider  community.  A  significant  aspect  of  our  research strategy is a commitment to deliver research which moves the world forward.

People involved
Dr Peter Murphy

Country: Ireland