SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research – NL

SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research was founded in 1962. SWOV’s main objective is to contribute to road safety by means of scientific research and dissemination of results and knowledge to professionals and policy makers. SWOV is the national institute for road safety research in the Netherlands. It is an independent, non-profit organisation, recognised throughout the world, thanks to its high standard of research and its scientifically founded recommendations. A multidisciplinary team of about 40 researchers plus supporting staff cover the areas of the road user, vehicles, road infrastructure, telematics, road safety analyses and modelling, policy making processes, etc. SWOV receives a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Transport.

SWOV was the birthplace of the well-known and widely appreciated Sustainable Safety approach. SWOV has conducted or commissioned numerous studies, published over 1000 papers and is involved in many national and international expert working groups and committees. SWOV staff members frequently give presentations at high-level international scientific conferences, seminars, and workshops. Exchange of knowledge and information also takes place in several international organizations.

People involved
Ms Marjolein Boele
Dr Saskia de Craen

Website: www.swov.nl
Country: The Netherlands