University of Zaragoza, I3A – Spain

The University of Zaragoza is the main centre of technological innovation in the Ebro Valley and enjoys a great prestige among the group of Spanish, European and International universities it has relations with.

Academic staff at the University of Zaragoza are highly specialised and have a broad research and teaching experience. Be it Spanish as a Foreign Language or fields as interesting to international students as Spanish Literature, Geography Archaeology, Cinema, History, Biocomputation, Physics of Complex Systems or Nanotechnologies (among many others), the combination of teaching and research is proving very successful.

The University, with a total of about 40.000 students, is composed by a teaching staff of about 3.000 with different positions and an administrative and technical staff of about 2.000.

I3A was created, in 2002, in order to respond to challenges of the modern knowledge society, characterised by the globalisation, importance of the information and communication technologies and the growing economic value of structured knowledge.

Recognising the importance of synergy and multidisciplinarity, the research interests of the Institute are deliberately multifield and multidepartamental, searching technological solutions for the future by promoting innovation and excellence. The activities of the I3A concerned four areas: research, technology transfer, training and scientific diffusion. In each of them, the main objectives are:

  • The improvement of scientific research and technological development in the areas that at each moment define its focus of activity
  • Contribution to the economic development at regional, national and international levels by means of knowledge generation and transfer to the industrial environment
  • To form highly qualified engineers and scientists able of adapting to the changing scientific and technological environment and with solid human, cultural and social values
  • To help to increase the technological culture of the Aragón society, promoting its fast adaptation to the current Knowledge Society

Role in Safe2Wheelers
UNIZAR – I3A is leading the Working Group 3 on Traffic Environment

People involved
Dr Francisco J. Lopez-Valdes

Country: Spain