Hochschule Furtwangen – Germany

Over its more than 160 year history, from its roots in the State Clockmaker School in the Black Forest, to the well-respected, internationally-oriented educational institution of today, Furtwangen University has always placed a high value on both practical applications and innovation. The outstanding quality of its degree programmes, closely combining theory and practice, its wide-ranging research activities and its distinctly global outlook with over 150 partners around the world, make HFU the ideal stepping stone in a successful career. The degree programmes offered cater for the demands of the modern workplace and include, besides more traditional courses, a range of unique courses which are customised to the needs of a changing society. The warm atmosphere of the campuses and close personal contact with teaching and administrative staff are conducive to study, while the wonderful natural surroundings of the area offer many opportunities for relaxation. The first-class infrastructure and central location in the high-tech business region of southern Germany, mean close contacts with business and industry and first-rate job prospects. HFU also enjoys an excellent reputation for further education offering seminars and workshops for those already employed in business and industry.

In Safe2Wheelers the Campus Tuttlingen is involved.

Role in Safe2Wheelers
Professor Peldschus is the Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) Coordinator of the Action

People involved
Professor Steffen Peldschus

Website: www.hfu-campus-tuttlingen.de
Country: Germany