University of Zagreb – Croatia

Within the Safe2Wheelers Action the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences is involved.

Faculty tradition is tied with the establishment of the Higher Postal and Telecommunications School (PTT) in 1962. In 1965, thirteen companies and associations in the Republic of Croatia initiated and financially supported establishment of the specialized institution: Institute of Transport and Traffic Sciences.

Faculty of Civil Engineering organized the first expert study of transport for training of transport professionals at a higher education level in 1965. The classes were held in interfaculty program collaboration with teachers from seven faculties of the Zagreb University, namely: Faculties of Architecture, Economics, Electrotechnics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Naval Engineering and Law School.

The need for road transport experts with college and university education has resulted in education of students in that branch of transport. In 1970, following the two years of preparation, College of Road Transport and Traffic was established, with headquarters in Kraljevićeva 24.

Study program of air traffic was initiated in 1972, with the establishment of College of Air Traffic, with several study programmes: air traffic, aeronautics, and later, aerotehnical program.

Transport and Traffic Sciences Centre consisting of two institutions: Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences and Institute of Transport and Traffic Sciences was established in 1981. The former deals with the scientific and educational work and the latter with the scientific and research work in the field of transport and traffic.

Study of railway traffic also existed in a form of an interfaculty study programme in this period, but its actual beginning can be traced to 13 April 1982. On this date a decision was issued which states that the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at the University of Zagreb meets the requirements for organization and teaching.

People involved
Professor Sadko Mandzuka

Country: Croatia