Safe2Wheelers latest news

2017, April 7th (Berlin) – “Safe2Wheelers Public Workshop”

On the 7th of April, 2017 Safe2Wheelers co-organised a workshop in Berlin with ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motorcycle) and IMMA (International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association) to discuss the first... Read more

2016, November 8/9 (Milan) – “Safe2Wheelers Cost Action event”

The Safe2Wheelers Cost Action event took place on November 8 and 9. It has been a Management Committee meeting, as well as individual Working Groups meetings and was hosted by... Read more

2016, September 13th (Malaga) – “Workshop on Crash Reconstruction”

On the 13th of September, 2016 Safe2Wheelers co-organised a preconference workshop prior to the IRCOBI conference in Malaga. The objective of the workshop was to provide an overview of the... Read more

European Commission (DG MOVE) consultation on transport matters

At the beginning of June 2016, the European Commission (DG MOVE) has endorsed a consultation process on transport matters in order to: Identify the barriers which still impede the use... Read more

2016, April 27th (Wuerzburg) – “Accidentology and Motorcycle Simulator Workshop”

The 2nd Safe2Wheelers workshop on Accidentology and Motorcycle Simulators took place on the 27th of April in Wuerzburg (Germany) and was jointly organized by Working Group 1 and 2. The... Read more

2016, March 10/11 (Linz) – “1st Safe2Wheelers Workshop”

Successful first workshop – Safe2Wheelers The 1st Safe2Wheelers Workshop on Traffic Environment, Primary and Secondary Safety, took place on the 10-11th March 2016 in Linz (Austria) at the Johannes Kepler... Read more