COST Action TU1407
Scientific and technical innovations for safer PTW
Motorcycle Riding Simulator
Static simulator
Motorcycle Riding Simulator
Static simulator
Motorcycle Riding Simulator
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Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) riders are among the most vulnerable road users and major efforts are necessary to enhance rider safety. The use of PTWs is increasing worldwide, especially in urban environments. PTWs offer many benefits for personal mobility: less congestion, time gain, energy savings, easier parking.

But … these beneficial opportunities can only be capitalised if PTW safety is further prioritised. As prior initiatives to improve PTW safety have concentrated on single aspects, a truly holistic and integrated approach towards PTW safety is still lacking. This COST Action addresses this gap, by bringing together PTW safety experts in Europe and beyond.

Countries involved


In the Safe2Wheelers Cost Action all the stakeholders will follow a new collaborative approach made of shared, societally oriented objectives and evidence-based methodologies. The focus will be, among others, on:

New standards and regulations:
- Advanced injury criteria will be discussed, both related to “biomechanical criteria” in the automotive environment
- Advanced motorcycle helmet test methods
- New Type-Approval for motor vehicle (MCWG) (ABS + CBS + MAEB)
European Driving license (new tests)

Strong Early Stage Researchers involvement


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  • STSMs

    Short term scientific missions (STSMs) are aimed to contribute to the scientific objectives of the Action. They are a chance for researchers to visit other participating institutions in COST countries to benefit from different technologies, expertise and methods. All Action participants are invited to apply.

    STSMs are particularly intended for Early Stage Researchers (ESR = PhD + max. of 8 years) and are intended for a period of a minimum of 5 working days up to a maximum of 3 months. For ESRs the STSM can be extended up to 6 months.

    Interested? Please contact STSM Coordinator
    Prof. Stephen Peldschus

    Partners about

    Marco PieriniMarco PieriniUNIFI
    "PTW riders are the most vulnerable road users when looking at distance travelled and a concerted and international effort like Safe2Wheelers is needed to enhance their safety"
    "Active scalable human models with cognitive abilities contribute to optimize PTW safety and so to increase to the safety of the whole traffic flow"
    Sebastian WillSebastian WillWIVW
    “An extremely important issue concerning all activities to enhance PTW safety is to include the rider. Properly trained and informed riders can avoid critical situations as well as use assistance systems according to their operational area”


    The Safe2Wheelers Action interacts through its partners to several COST Actions, FP7 and Horizon2020 related projects. Furthermore, it will actively participate in the activities organised by the COST Association and (inter)national and EU conferences in the area of transport safety.